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Summary: For all children ages pre-K to 9 years, teaching them how others may see differently from themselves, increasing sensitivity to disabilities. A glimpse into the world of a child’s own visual limitations or those of others, building confidence and acceptance. While the primary audience is sighted children, it is also appealing to those who are visually impaired or blind. This “twin vision” book has large-type English text that is transcribed into braille at the bottom of each story page, fleshing out the whole range of how people see. An anti-bullying and teaching tolerance tool, stories are told through the eyes of “Glen” who wears glasses, “Paul” who wears a patch, and “Brenda” who is blind. Enlivened with colorful, upbeat illustrations to complement its text, a CD of the story set to music is also included. I SEE THE WORLD© is offered as a bridge to increasing a young child’s compassion for and understand of others as well as empowerment of oneself. A unique experience for the individual child and his family at home, or in a classroom or library setting.

At the present time, the author is self-publishing, self-promoting, and self-financing this book. Thank you for your interest in and support of I SEE THE WORLD©!

Jean Barlow

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